Tough Challenges Ahead for the New Baltimore City State Prosecutor

Tough Challenges Ahead for the New Baltimore City State Prosecutor


The people have indeed spoken, and the change in the criminal justice system that Baltimoreans desire finally manifested when Gregg Bernstein won the race for city state prosecutor, over incumbent Patricia Jessamy. Along with winning any race, one must be able to meet the tough challenges that lie ahead, and one of those challenges is meeting the expectations of the public in relation to the prosecution of criminal offenses in the city.

Bernstein campaigned for a tougher prosecution system, which apparently has won the people over. During Jessamy’s 15 years in the office, too many offenders were able to go free, back on the streets, and committed more serious crimes.

John Wagner, the man who was a repeat offender and the one accused of killing Stephen Pitcairn, a researcher in Johns Hopkins University, was left to roam the streets when charges were dropped against him at the District Court level. This was one of the instances where people became utterly dismayed with the justice system in Baltimore.

According to Bernstein, the community has already lost faith in the criminal justice system in the city, and said that people will see changes in the attorney’s office under him. They will be keeping and maintaining conviction rates so that people may know what they are doing.

On a daily basis, various crimes are being brought to courts in Baltimore, from petty crimes to more serious ones. Destruction of property, assault, stalking, murder, and every other crime are what Bernstein and the whole attorney’s office will be facing.


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