The “Magic Touch” of Engraved Stationery

The “Magic Touch” of Engraved Stationery

engraved stationeryYears ago, Wells & Drew was stumbling along with what we now think of as a “plain-Jane” logo.  It was nothing special and nobody got very excited about it.  Then we switched to the engraved logo we use today.  A lot of good things happened—sales went up, client recognition grew higher—and while we can’t say an engraved logo is the secret to success, one thing’s for sure: Engraved does it better.

Think about what your stationery says about you and your firm.  For most of your clients, it’s often the only tangible thing they walk away with, so as you can imagine, it’s pretty important.

Engraved stationery has the look of permanence and substance.

It says to your prospective clients: “We’ve been around a long time” and “If you’re looking for steady and reliable, you’ve come to the right place.”   It’s not something you can measure in charts and graphs, but when your client touches a sheet of engraved stationery, it creates of a feeling of well-being and confidence.

Yes, there’s an additional cost over standard stationery, but in the larger scheme of things, the expense is insignificant.  More time and money goes into what’s written on the stationery than the piece itself, so it only makes sense to have that piece be as impressive as possible.  When your clients touch your business card, letterhead, envelope or second sheet, you want them to feel good about it and about you.

Find out more about how our engraved stationery package can raise the value of your firm in your clients’ eyes.


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