Sustainability Debate Stirred by Legal Sea Foods with New Ad Campaign

Sustainability Debate Stirred by Legal Sea Foods with New Ad Campaign



A succession of new print and television ads to be shown starting next week from the popular restaurant Legal Sea Foods may not sit well at the outset with some marine conservationists, as the funny sections unsuccessfully take both sides of the debate on sustainability.

The new ad campaign’s intention is to promote a better understanding about the difficulty of the situation and to give the public a chance to make informed decision about what they should or should not eat. Created by DeVito/Verdi, an advertising agency based in New York, the ad campaign focuses on salmon, trout and crabs, which are seafood types that enjoy sufficient stocks.

The television commercials and print ads mirror each other, with each advertisements focusing on a particular fish and the necessity of “saving” the species.

In one commercial, a majestic salmon can be seen flying through the air as it tries to make its way upstream. The voiceover then state, “Save the salmon.  Save it so our children can witness the grace and beauty of this noble fish.  Or, just save it so we can saute it with our fabulous lemon chive butter sauce.”

The Boston-based restaurant has been taking an active role in the debate about sustainability, making a strong case for the defense of both endangered fish and commercial fishermen. The president and CEO of Legal Sea Foods, Roger Berkowitz, said that the goal of the ad campaign is to promote a discussion on the issue and to open the eyes of everyone concerned to the implications of the subject.