Sports Betting and Off-Track Betting Laws, Approved by New Jersey Lawmakers

Sports Betting and Off-Track Betting Laws, Approved by New Jersey Lawmakers



New Jersey legislators passed a law that allows off-track betting such as those that are done by residents on collegiate sporting events. The moment that the governor, Gov Chris Christie will sign the measure, then the state would be in a fierce battle in federal court, where they would be fighting to overturn the law that bans sports betting in all states except in four.

The Senate and Assembly of New Jersey adopted a bill that allows New Jersey constituents to be able to place bets at the 11 casinos, 4 horse racing tracks, football, basketball, baseball and other types of games. Bets are now allowed to be places on games that involve collegiate teams of New Jersey.

Laws that will allow fans of horse racing to place bets at restaurants and bars were also passed. Those businesses that are planning to set up betting parlors, located off-track, should be able to get everything done in a single year.

According to state Senator Raymond Lesniak, a Democrat, said that, “These votes, by both houses of the legislature and the voters of New Jersey, mark the beginning of the end of the inequitable federal ban on sports betting.”

Lesniak further added that, “This time next year our residents won’t have to fly to Las Vegas or visit their local bookie to bet on the Giants, Jets or Eagles to win the Super Bowl. They will be able to go to an Atlantic City casino, Monmouth Racetrack or The Meadowlands.”

Lesniak also said that, “I guarantee a victory in the federal courts for New Jersey to be able to enjoy the same benefits from sports betting Congress has given to Nevada.”


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