Recent Actions of California US Attorney Do More Harm than Good According to Lawyer

Recent Actions of California US Attorney Do More Harm than Good According to Lawyer



The crackdowns on medical marijuana dispensaries in California recently by the four US Attorneys of the state, which resulted in the closures of several collectives, have dealt a huge blow to the legal medical pot industry.

This was revealed by Chris Van Hook, a medical marijuana compliance lawyer in California and the founder of the Clean Green Certified medical cannabis inspection program. He said that these actions have only served the benefit of the illegal marijuana market, forced patients to turn to the streets and placing money in the pockets of drug cartels and criminals.

According to a media outfit, California’s four US Attorneys sent letters recently to medical pot growers and dispensaries, threatening them with federal prosecution if they keep on growing and selling marijuana. These prompted dozens of growers and dispensaries to close shop. It was also reported that similar letters were likewise sent to several landlords who are renting their places to pot growers and sellers, forcing the owners of the property to evict their tenants out of fear of prosecution.

Van Hook said that is an alarming development, explaining, “Once the federal government gets the taste for forfeiture property and the resulting funds it could develop we will be on a very slippery slope.”

The medical pot compliance attorney also explained that the result of these actions has been to decrease the number of legal channels for medical pot, forcing growers and patients to turn to the black market to sell or buy pot.


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