Life Sciences Companies Being Courted by the State of Massachusetts

Life Sciences Companies Being Courted by the State of Massachusetts



Massachusetts officials descended on the nation’s capital yesterday to promote an industry convention slated to happen in Boston next year. They also trumpeted collaborations with three countries on new life sciences, and at the same time, also invited thousands of executives and biotechnology companies to set up shop in the Bay State.

Deval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts, headed the delegation of state officials. He told a luncheon crowd who were attending an annual gathering of the Biotechnology Industry Organization that the life sciences community in his state is on vibrantly thriving.

The governor also said that his 10-year life sciences initiative worth $1 billion, which commenced in 2008, has so far invested around $200 million in public money, as well as generated more than $700 million in private financing. It has also helped create thousands of needed jobs.

Earlier, the podium was shared by Governor Patrick with US Senator John F. Kerry, state Senate President Therese Murray, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, and a number of other officials at a breakfast for business leaders and visitors from different countries.

The attendees, around 125 of varying nationalities, came to listen at a Legal Sea Foods restaurant located in Washington’s Chinatown. Murray praised Legal Sea Foods owner Roger Berkowitz, who came down to host the momentous event, and for his scrambled eggs buffet. Murray said, “We thought we were having fish for breakfast.”

According to Kerry, life sciences industry, which has been the primary focus of Massachusetts’ economic development efforts, could generate the kind of high-paying jobs that have been eluded other areas of the state’s economy. “This is one of the great promising sectors for job growth,” Kerry said.


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