E-Verify Bill Not Sure to be supported by Hastings

E-Verify Bill Not Sure to be supported by Hastings



Rep. Doc Hastings said that he will first give the the House Republican bill that seeks to require employees all across America to use E-Verify a good and thorough look before it gets his vote.

The Republican representative of the 4th District of Washington said that while he still has to read through the entirety of H.R. 2164, he maintains that such measure, called the Legal Workforce Act of 2011, “has to be mindful” of the labor needs of the agricultural sector.

During a brief interview Friday after concluding a tour of the new Junior Achievement World facility located in Terrace Heights, Hastings said, “There has to be special consideration for the agriculture community.”

The federal E-Verify system provides employers a way to electronically check the immigration status and employment eligibility of those who are seeking a job. States and municipalities across America are considering or have already made the program compulsory for government job applicants or government contractor employees.

Just last week, the Yakima City Council voted to make the program obligatory for city employees and contractors.

Hastings declined to divulge details on how the labor needs of the agriculture sector should be addressed in the bill. Nevertheless, he said that he is confident there is a lot of time to deal with the specifics before the bill reaches the floor for a vote. “It’s only had a hearing in committee,” said Hastings.



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