Cyber Monday Surprise Planned by Call2Get for the E-tail Industry

Cyber Monday Surprise Planned by Call2Get for the E-tail Industry


The electronics retailer Call2Get revealed that Cyber Monday is in for a big surprise. Call2Get’s spokesman, Paul Frank, however adamantly declined to give out any details of the surprise, stating that secrecy is absolutely necessary with regards to any major announcements that the company plans to make.

“What I can say, however, is that it all has to do with our recently-published ‘first dibs’ deal” with major manufacturers around the world,” Kaplan said.

The Brooklyn, New York-based is one of America’s largest retailers of cell phones that offer new mobile sets without any contracts. It has been at the forefront of bringing the latest in cellular phone technology to the market at very low prices.

Reports of any exclusivity deals with only one outlet have been treated with much skepticism. Industry insiders claim that such situation is impossible because of the legal ramifications brought about by laws on free trade and fair competition. Mr. Frank again did not give any comment but only reiterated his company’s “excitement at something that’s sure to shake up the way things are done in this business.”

Viewed as the online e-tailers’ response to retail stores’ Black Friday discounts which aims to attract holiday shoppers, Cyber Monday announcements are usually expected to involve deep discounts on various products as well. Amid the growing speculations, Call2Get stuck to its earlier statements that their announcement on Cyber Monday will be about something else.

Mr. Frank said, “…though savvy shoppers should know that we will continue to offer the best deals anywhere, online or off.” He also tried to brush aside the skeptics, telling them to just “watch and see.”