Celia Brown Seeking Justice for Her Great Dad

Celia Brown Seeking Justice for Her Great Dad


Montgomery County – Celia Brown, the daughter of the late Attorney Don Brown is seeking justice for the death of her dad. Brown spent his life upholding justice, making sure that justice was served to those who were facing criminal charges. He died at Conroe Regional Medical Center in September 6.

Brown was a valiant fighter for justice, a tough litigator according to defense Attorney Jerald Crow. He was the recipient of the Montgomery County Defense Lawyers Association’s Atticus Finch Award (2005) for getting Clarence Lee Brandley, Sr. free in 1989. Brandley was a man on Death Row who was wrongfully accused of murdering a teenage girl in 1980.

Since he was an advocate of justice, he practiced for free and gave away his assets. In the end, he lost everything and had so many health problems. On August 19, he entered Willis Nursing and Rehabilitation Center since it accepts Medicaid and Medicare for payments.

Celia Brown said that Willis did not treat her father’s bedsores and infections. They also overmedicated him by giving him so much Vicodin for pain, causing him unable to eat, which led to kidney failure. She said that her dad had suffered from bouts of dementia too. She also claimed that her dad’s tailbone was already sticking out from his skin since the rehabilitation center was not treating her dad’s bedsores.

On September 3, 2010, Brown was taken to the Conroe Regional Medical Center where he was treated for pneumonia and died 3 days later.

According to Valerie Chartier, the nursing home administrator, the state Department of Aging and Disability Services has already visited Willis and have unsubstantiated the allegations of Celia Brown.

Celia Brown has also filed a written complaint with the Willis Police Department but Sgt. Alton Nelson said they were not looking at filing charges.

Celia Brown said she’ll continue to fight for her father and will be going to the Texas attorney general, bringing along the hospital records with her.



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