A Course in eForensics May Help Stop Cyber crime

A Course in eForensics May Help Stop Cyber crime


The first postgraduate eForensics course is now given by Swinburne Universty, in response to the need to equip professionals with the right skills in order to stop cybercrime.

Since almost everybody is now using a computer, cybercrime rate has also gone up. People however, seem not to understand the problems on the legal and ethical problems of using computers.

According to Leon Sterling, the Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technolgoies, “Because of the increase in cybercrimes such as computer hacking, fraud and cyber-stalking as well as the prevalence of cyber-misconduct that violates company policy, the number of professionals qualified to deal with these issues is inadequate.”

Leaders in the said industry have been consulted and they have come to agree that a great concern for security and infiltration has marked the need for legal advice on cybercrime, as well as technical advice.

The course will be very interesting for a variety of professionals having different disciplines. It could be useful for business, government, law enforcement agencies, and even smaller companies who are also doing their business online.

According to Dr. Vivienne Farrell, the Graduate Certificate in eForensics “will appeal to those trying to protect their organization’s digital operations as well as those involved in investigating and prosecuting cybercrimes”



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