7 Proven Principles to Improve Your Next Marketing Campaign

7 Proven Principles to Improve Your Next Marketing Campaign

Principle 1 – Be Precise
Narrow down who you are marketing to. By that, I don’t mean your niche, that is a given. Who are the particular people you want to do business with? Just because your niche is the education sector does not mean all entities inside the education market are your target market. Find out who the specific people are, their positions and company, then tailor your message to them. The best offer does no good going to the wrong people.

Principle 2 – Write To a Person
Write your marketing copy to a person, not a market. Blanket statements and clichés are never effective. When you are writing, make sure you are writing to a person … a good rule of thumb is that if you would not say it sitting in front of your prospective client, do not say it in your marketing.

Principle 3 – Be the First
Be the first in your industry to offer a particular benefit or service. It does not matter if your competitors were doing it before you, it only matters who says it first. If you are serving the education sector, and your competitor has been offering cost analysis and a one-hour consultation at no charge, but has never marketed its services that way, then you can take that benefit to the industry as the first to do so, because whoever tells the industry first, is first.

Principle 4 – Keep Going
Keep going. Marketing is ongoing, not an event (as long as it’s profitable). For some industries, it is going to be very hard to get an immediate response from your marketing.
A Wealth Manager who only deals with clients of 10 million dollars of assets, will struggle to obtain immediate responses to their online & offline campaigns. Their prospects already have someone managing their money.
A wiser investment is – send a monthly newsletter which displays your insight, knowledge and expertise. Become a resource, month after month. The goal – be the first person that comes to mind when a need arises, or possibly peak their interest with a tip that their Wealth Manager has not provided.

Principle 5 – Your Benefit
The only benefit that matters is the one your prospective client views as one. It never matters what you view as a benefit, the only thing that matters is what is important to them. Some companies may think a free consultation is the best benefit they can offer, but upon investigation may find that their prospective clients do not view that as a benefit.

Principle 6 – Make an Offer
Many marketing campaigns have had a slow painful death because they never produced any results. Their marketing never asked the prospective client to take any action. If you have heard this a thousand times, it’s because it’s true, it’s tested and proven.

Principle 7 – Test and Measure
Test and measure your campaigns. If there is no way of correlating hard dollars in revenue back to your marketing, then it’s hard to justify. Regular testing and tweaking of your marketing campaigns will ensure your marketing is paying for itself.