3 “Hidden Costs” of Business Correspondence

3 “Hidden Costs” of Business Correspondence

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It was Will Rogers who said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

And the first impression your customers and colleagues get when they receive a letter from you is made to a large degree by the letterhead it is printed on.

Yes, fine letterhead looks expensive. And it does cost a little more. But looks – and cost – can be deceiving, when you consider the three “hidden” costs of business correspondence.

First, the lion’s share of the expense in sending a business letter is not the letterhead – it’s the time of the executive who wrote it.

To mail someone a letter using an “expensive” letterhead and envelope costs only around 55 cents, excluding postage … just a few cents more than using “cheap” stationery!

By comparison, if a $60 an hour executive takes a half hour to write a letter, that’s $30 in labor — and more fifty times the cost of the paper it’s printed on!

So sending that expensive communication on cheap letterhead you got at the corner print shop could be seen as penny wise and pound foolish.

The second “hidden” cost of business correspondence is the risk of making a poor first impression.

Looking bad in print can cost your company a small fortune. One Big Six accounting firm lost a 7-figure consultant contract because of a typo on the cover of their proposal!

The third hidden cost of business correspondence is printing and inventory management.

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