Wells & Drew Printing Dictionary – Q


subjective term relating to expectations by the customer, printer, and other professionals associated with a printing job and whether the job meets those expectations.
known as “Quark” is a computer application for creating and editing complex page layouts in a
quarter tones:
A neutral gray area on a reproduction scale located between the highlight and the middletone.
sheet folded twice, making pages one-fourth the size of the original sheet. A quarto makes an 8-page signature.Or can refer to a book made from quarto sheets, traditionally measuring about 9′ x 12′.
quick printing:
printing using small sheetfed presses, called duplicators, using cut sizes of bond and offset paper. Paper, plastic or rubber plates are made directly from camera-ready copy, as compared to metal plates for commercial printing that require making film first.

price offered by a printer to produce a specific job, thus alternate for estimate. The quoted price is the printer’s side of the contract based on specifications from the customer.