The Wells & Drew Printing Dictionary – J


also known as jagged image.An image that has been scanned at too low a pixel resolution will appear pixilated. If the graphic is output at too low a printed resolution, it will also appear jagged or aliased.also referred to as bitmapped.
programming language and environment from Sun Microsystems. Along with C, Java is compiled into an architecture-nuetral binary object and then interpreted like Perl or Tcl for a specific computer architecture.
job lot paper:
Paper that didn’t meet specifications when produced, has been discontinued, or for other reasons is no longer considered first quality.
job number:
A number assigned to a specific printing project in a printing company for use in tracking and historical record keeping.
job ticket:
in printing and other service oriented companies-a form used  to specify production schedule of a job and the materials it needs. Also called docket, production order and work order.
in paper handling, the process of evenly stacking sheets of paper directly on top of one another, either by hand or mechanically.
joint Photographic Experts Group. A highly compressed graphics format designed to handle computer images of high resolution photographs as efficiently as possible.
jumbo roll:
paper rolls measuring over 24″ in diameter and weighing more than 500 lbs