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Your “Visual Handshake”

Helping you look good isn’t about ego. It’s smart business.Your company’s printed marketing materials offer an easy, cost-effective way to accurately represent your professionalism, dignity and status. As a professional its never wise to boast about your “greatness” although it is very wise to show your clients in everything you do. In today’s fast moving world of email, tablets and social media, the steadfast brochure, business card and printed collateral is still expected within the circles of the well-heeled.

If you can’t meet a potential client in person and offer your firm handshake and winning smile, let your stationery make that handshake in a visual sense. In this image-conscious age, the company that looks the best is often perceived as the best.Determining what letterhead or other forms of correspondence materials are best for your business needs can be a little daunting at first. What’s the right type of paper for your business? The right paper stock, the right colors, the right front, the right graphic design? The Wells & Drew Companies can help you choose the right set of business stationery for your home or office needs.Your business card represents you in your absence. Speak to a Wells & Drew consultant about printing that sets your business apart in a fresh, modern way.

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Blake Houser