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Wells & Drew has been providing the highest quality, turn-key legal supply solutions to Law Firms and other professional practices for over 100 years. It’s our business to make your firm look its best. Make this the year you establish a distinguished impression for your firm with the help of the experts at Wells & Drew.

The Custom Legal Supplies we provide range from Pocket Folders, Dividers, Wills & Trusts, Mailing Labels, Stationery, Fine Paper, Bond Paper, Legal Forms, Announcements and Closing Document Covers. Click the categories below for specifics and pricing.

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Legal Supplies – More than Brief

A law office does not run on the sheer legal brilliance of its lawyers alone. There is a unique set of legal supplies that keeps the office going, and running in a smooth fashion. From stationery needs to other generic office supplies, there are a number of capabilities that the office has to consider to make sure that everything is easy to find and in its right place. Law offices as a result have a higher need for folders and filing systems than other offices may have, so these should be ordered in abundance. Peel and stick labels are a great way to print out names or other titles and organize all of the file folders. These are just a few organizational basics, though other items that may be necessary in law offices including last wills and testaments.

An easy way to distinguish the feel of the office and carry over its professionalism into the outside world is through the use of professional and personalized stationery. Legal supplies extends into the world of the paper used, and the myriad forms of letterhead or other graphic touches that can set this paper apart for any type of correspondence. Memo pads, envelopes,and business cards are capable of being custom printed to impress those who receive them and really make the members of the law practice names that a client will have no problem remembering.

Other legal supplies that should be considered necessary to a well-run office include basics such as pens, paper clips, stamps, or other miscellaneous items. While they may seem insignificant, keeping a well-stocked office is one of the surest paths to success. There is nothing that seems more unprofessional than reaching for the white-out or stapler, and finding them empty. If a client sees this, they may think that a legal office that can’t even stay on top of its supply needs is in no shape to remember to serve them.

Specific stationery needs that may come up in a law office also include oversized or odd-sized envelopes to properly envelope legal briefs or announcements. These important documents should not be left out to chance or folded in any way, hence making stationery one of the most important aspects of legal supplies. Speaking to an office manager about needs that you want addressed in the next supply order is the best way to experience a smoothly running, stress free workplace. To meet all of your possible legal supply needs, please take a look at