Ingenius Printing

Ingenius printing delivers unlimited, ‎customizable information – turning your printed messages into fully interactive experiences.

By definition it is called augmented reality printing; we coined it Ingenius printing. Communicate more effectively, track responses, and achieve better results using Ingenius printing.

Unlike QR or other visible codes that take up valuable space, Ingenius printing invisibly ‎imbeds links to online content.

Turn your printing into smart, interactive communication. The applications are endless. For more information, ideas, and samples, please call 800-342-8636 or click here.

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Some of the possibilities:

  • Build interest
  • Contact lists
  • Track and scan locations
  • Develop e-campaigns

Common applications include but are not limited to:

  • Virtual tours
  • ‎Demonstrations
  • Instructions
  • Security validation
  • Promotional offers
  • Opting in to ongoing communication
  • Prospect research
  • Customer surveys

The possibilities are endless. For more information click here.

flyer linkz

Download the Linkz app, click on this image and scan it to begin.