Submitting Artwork

File Upload

Note: PDF or Vector files are Recommended

Numerous brands of software and file formats are used to create artwork. However, the printing industry has standardized on the PDF file format. A PDF file should have everything necessary to print the file, including fonts.

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Color Matching

Pantone spot colors- If the artwork contains colors specified as Pantone spot colors, Wells & Drew will use the latest Pantone Color Matching Guide to match the color as closely as possible.

4 color process-Wells & Drew will reproduce color from submitted print-ready files as closely as possible, but even under the best circumstances, an exact color match is not possible. This is an inherent limitation in the 4 color printing process. The term “color match” refers to the color rendering intent specified in the submitted artwork

We can work with output from almost any program as long as it is in PDF format.

COVID-19 Update

Wells & Drew has changed its hours of operation, to Monday - Thursday. We otherwise intend to continue normal operations until further notice. You can place orders or questions 24/7 via We appreciate your patience and understanding during these times. 

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