Fonts 101

Fonts dynamically help you visually communicate and reflect your brand.

There are so many fonts to choose from, so how do you know which one to use?

Consider your brand values that you want to convey and pick a font that has that feeling, mood and personality. Do you want to convey respectable and professional? Modern and contemporary?

Generally speaking, Serif fonts are seen as classic and timely, while Sans Serif fonts feel modern and trending. But don’t be afraid to combine them. The right combination can create an interesting contrast and also pump up the message you want to convey.

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Taylor Lieber

Serif Fonts

Americana Bold
Artisan Roman
Baskerville Regular
Berkeley Oldstyle Book
Bernhard Modern Roman
Bernhard Modern Bold
Bodoni Book
Bodoni Roman
Bookman Light
Bookman Medium
Caslon Pro Regular
Century Old Style Regular
Classic Roman
Copperplate Gothic Light
Copperplate Gothic Bold
Dorchester Script Regular
Friz Quadrata Medium
Garamond Regular
Goudy Old Style
Kunstler Script Regular
OP Delphin One

OP Park Avenue
Palatino Roman
Raleigh Roman
Sackers Antique Roman
Sackers Light Roman
Sackers Medium Roman
Souvenir Light
Times Roman
Times Bold
Times Italic
Trajan Pro
University Roman
Vladmir Script Regular
Zapf Chancery Medim Italic

Sans Serif Fonts

Arial Regular
Arial Bold
Avante Garde Book
Avante Garde Medium
Bauhas Light
Bauhas Medium
Berlin Sans Regular
Eras Light
Eurostile Condensed
Eurostile Extended
Franklin Gothic
Helvetica Light
Helvetica Medium
Helvetica Bold Condensed
Optima Roman
Rockwell Bold
Sackers Gothic Light
Sackers Gothic Medium
Sackers Gothic Heavy
Tahoma Regular
Tahoma Bold