Who Ever Said that the Tobacco Industry is Already Dying?

Who Ever Said that the Tobacco Industry is Already Dying?

January 1, 2012


According to Robert Proctor, a Stanford historian, the tobacco industry continue to creating  toxic products that would lead to not only lung cancer but also ankle fractures, spontaneous abortion, early onset menopause and other ailments.

The cigarette industry isn’t actually dying. In fact, it keeps on winning lawsuits and at the same time kills so many people every year.

The new study, Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition, authored by Robert Proctor, which was the book that the tobacco industry intensely opposed and even tried to stop with a lot of subpoenas, costing legal fees amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, shows a more in-depth look at the damage that the tobacco industry creates.

Proctor was the first historian to ever testify in court against the enormous tobacco industry, warning that what lies ahead is still the worst health catastrophe, attributed to the effects of cigarettes in the long run. According to Proctor, “If everyone stopped smoking today, there would still be millions of deaths a year for decades to come.”

Proctor also added that cigarettes today are deadlier compared to those made 60 years ago.  About half of those who smoke would be dying as a result of their habit. In fact, a surprising number would die from heart attack and stroke and not from cancer.

Proctor also asked,  “How many people know that tobacco is a major cause of blindness, baldness and bladder cancer, not to mention cataracts, ankle fractures, early onset menopause, ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion and erectile dysfunction?”



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