What’s in a Brand?

What’s in a Brand?

Simply put branding is putting positive emotion to your product and your company. Ask any parent of a toddler about the emotion of the McDonalds Happy Meal. A short drive to run an errand with a toddler in the back seat could cause the GPS in your car to offer an alternative route in order to avoid the potential for a temper tantrum.

Likewise what causes young adults to camp outside of the Mac Store to purchase the newest device the Apple iPad? A positive brand that attracts the masses to know your company, your product and have a passionate desire to own that product and anything that follows in your product line. In fact, Apple is so good at branding that when you think of an MP3 player you don’t just think of an MP3 player, you think of an iPod, a brand.

Is it possible to brand a Law Firm? You bet you can, simply look at the OJ Simpson trial. The firms, attorneys, and other people that have gone on to super stardom. When an individual considers hiring a Law Firm to file a Social Security appeal on the East Coast they call Binder and Binder, the guy with the Fedora tells the viewer they are the leader, the best. Are they? Well according to Mr. Binder they certainly are and the consumer has nothing that says he is wrong.

Branding is attaching positive emotion to a positive product and company. Building a reputation as the best in the business. Building a positive relationship between your firm, name, area’s of practice, logo, and professionalism. Setting the tone for the correlation between success and the client. When they think of the best they think of you and your firm.



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