Victim of Home Invasion Continues to Suffer From the Ordeals in Court

Victim of Home Invasion Continues to Suffer From the Ordeals in Court


Connecticut – The jury for the Hayes case will be expected to start the deliberations on Monday after years of trial for one of the men who invaded the house of Dr. Petit in Cheshire, Connecticut in July 2007.

Joshua Komisarjevsky, 30 and Steven Hayes, 47 were accused for the murder of Dr. William Petit’s family which includes his wife, Jennifer Hawke Petit, and two daughters Michaela, 11 and Hayley 17.

The two men were supposed to be tried together in order to spare Dr. Petit from the ordeal of having to hear people talking about the incident over and over again and from seeing the jury examine the ghastly photographs of his family at the time the crime happened.

However, Komisarjevsky’s lawyer opposed to this, and so it was decided that two trials will be held. Hayes would go first followed by Komisarjevsky’s. And when that ruling was granted, Komisarjevsky’s lawyer asked the court not to allow Dr. Petit to attend the trial of Hayes saying that it would be unfair to his client. However, the court did not grant his request.

Since the time that the trial commenced, Dr. Petit has always been around to hear testimonies, and once more, see the horror happen again and again. When asked by reporters how he was able to go through with everything, he said that he was doing the best he could do for his family.


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