UnitedLex’s Strengthens E-Discovery Service Solution Using Basis Technology

UnitedLex’s Strengthens E-Discovery Service Solution Using Basis Technology


UnitedLex, a leader in providing legal and business solutions, has included the Rosette Language Identifier in its e-discovery solution, eMergence. Rosette is one of the products of Basis Technology, a known provider of software solutions for text analysis and information retrieval.

Rosette would scan thousands of documents within eMergence and would be detecting the language used in the documents. It would then encode each file, allowing case managers to determine at the outset what language specialists will be needed, thereby giving firms the opportunity to make accurate cost estimates.

UnitedLex made the right decision when it chose Rosette Language Identifier to include in its eMergence e-discovery solution. Rosette can detect 55 languages from various parts of the world, more particularly in Europe, Americas, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. It could detect multiple languages found within a single document. Therefore, an email chain that contains replies in various languages will be categorized by language.

The Chief Information Officer of UnitedLex, Gerardo Herrera, said that, “At UnitedLex, we pride ourselves in leveraging technology to give our customers the most efficient solutions in terms of cost, quality and time so the adoption of the Rosette Language Identifier was a natural choice for us.”

In a statement given by Carl Hoffman, the CEO of Basis Technology, he said that, “In a world where electronic data is growing exponentially, cutting edge e-discovery providers such as UnitedLex are leveraging advanced technology solutions such as Rosette to give their customers an edge both in efficiency and comprehensiveness to reduce cost and risk.”