Three New Directors Appointed by Iveda Solutions to its Board

Three New Directors Appointed by Iveda Solutions to its Board



Iveda Solutions has appointed three new directors to the board. David Ly, the President and CEO of Iveda Solutions, said, “We have a solid and diverse Board of Directors with a wide range of international business experience, which is essential to our growth as a global organization. Each of the directors brings unique regional experience and invaluable industry expertise to our Board.”

The three new directors are Robert Gillen, Alex Kuo and Alejandro Franco.

Gillen is an investor and a long-time supporter of Iveda Solutions, while Alex Kuo was first hired as a consultant in 2009. Franco has been assisting the company in its business development and strategic partnerships in Mexico as a consultant for more than a year before his appointment to the Board.

On his appointment, Gillen said, “Iveda Solutions is one of the most interesting and exciting business enterprises I have encountered since the development of cellular phone technology. The Company’s prospects for global growth are astounding, and I am honored to have been appointed to its Board.”

In the case of Alex Kuo, he said, “In my role as a consultant and subsequently as a member of the Company’s management team, I have been bridging business connections built over the years in Asia with Iveda Solutions. In my capacity as a director on the Board, I’ll have direct influence on the strategic decisions the Company will be making.”

Reacting to his recent appointment, Franco said, “Iveda Solutions has gained traction in Mexico with their cloud video surveillance services, and I believe that the Company can expand their services to the rest of Latin America. As a member of the Board, I am well positioned to advise and shape the Company’s business strategies in the region.”


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