Three More Lawyers to Defend Casey Anthony

Three More Lawyers to Defend Casey Anthony



Three more lawyers were added to the team of attorneys defending Casey Anthony, who was charged with 1st-degree murder, for the death of her own daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. Attorney Jose Baez made the announcement on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 that Charles Green and Ann Finnell will be included in the team for the defense of Anthony.

The two new attorneys each have a specialty of their own. Finnell is considered as the death penalty expert having handled several death penalty cases since 1981. Green will be handling the civil action filed by Zenaida Gonzalez against Anthony, saying that the statements of Anthony, accusing her as the babysitter who abducted Anthony’s daughter Caylee, defamed her.

Aside from Green and Finnell, Attorney Dorothy Clay Sims, who was regarded as an expert in cross-examining medical experts brought to the witness stand, was added to the defense team as well. Sims will play an important role in cross-examining testimonies regarding the lab test results, which scientists claimed that the air from the trunk of the car of Anthony, demonstrates a hint of decomposition.

The defense attorneys will be up against government lawyers who sought for the death penalty to be meted out against Anthony. The defense was granted a period of extension to question law enforcement authorities. Judge Belvin Perry, along with the prosecutors and the defense will be looking for jury members in another part of Florida for the Anthony trial set on May 2011.