The Fresh and New On-Air Look of Discovery Channel

The Fresh and New On-Air Look of Discovery Channel

Paul Welling, the Discovery Networks CEEMEA SVP Head of Channels, led the review of the different channels in the Discovery portfolio. This led to a change in Discovery’s on-air look. The channel would be repositioned all across the country to carry its new brand identity – Life Unlimited.

In a statement given by Welling, he said that, “The refresh of Discovery Channel across CEEMEA is testament to Discovery’s commitment to provide audiences with programs that resonate with their lifestyles. The new look reflects a fresh, contemporary feel, symbolizing our commitment to deliver unique, entertaining and inspiring programs.”

The new brand identity, Life Unlimited, is brought to life by Discovery Channel through this refresh. This particular brand identity seeks to celebrate the personas that bring discovery, opening the eyes of different individuals to a world that is far beyond their reach. This would be the channel’s new slogan.

The result of this is a more strong and confident on-air look, a presentation style that is more dynamic, which ultimately brings the channel closer in harmony with the values and aspirations of its principal audience, who are males in the age bracket between 25 and 39 years old. It also provides a balance of knowledge and entertainment, which greatly appeals to the broad overall audience of the channel, who are adults from 15 years old upwards.

Stephen Royle, Discovery Networks CEEMEA’s Creative Director was the one who devised this new on-air concept. This new look uses a vibrant palette and real fast moving graphics, new icons on the screen like pick-axes. There are also menus that sport a new-look, all moving in a smooth and similar flow like that of the manner that the screen changes on iPhones or iPods.

Royle said that, “I wanted to create an on air look that was original, bold and above all energetic – something that reflects our evolving brand position. Discovery Channel has always provided knowledge and satisfied curiosity, but we want to show that it’s also a place to come for fun, entertainment and excitement. I’m really pleased with how we achieved this in the new look with a powerful blend of design signatures: an energetic palette, an icon toolkit, up close and personal use of our talent and block type layouts”.

Alongside this new look were a lineup of new shows like Curiosity, which is a series that tackles questions that were posed by famous personas like Eli Roth and Academy Award Winner Morgan Freeman, as well as Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Other specials that were included were Ground Zero, produced by Steven Spielberg and The Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero, which is a series that chronicles the reconstruction of The World Trade site in New York.

The new look of Discovery Channel premiered August 29 in Poland and Hungary, September 1 in Romania and the Balkans, September 5 in South Africa, Turkey and Middle East and in September 7 in Russia and Ukraine.


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