Suspected Driver in 1994 Taco Bell Murders is Set Free After 15 Years

Suspected Driver in 1994 Taco Bell Murders is Set Free After 15 Years


David G. Housler, 36, has been set free under certain conditions after serving time in the penitentiary for 15 years.

In 1994, the 19-year-old Housler was charged as one of those who took part in the murders of the Taco Bell employees at Riverside Drive restaurant, who were gunned down. He was indicted as an accomplice of Courtney Matthews, the murderer who was responsible for the death of the four employees in the said restaurant.

Housler was indicted due to the statement he gave, saying that he knew about the murders, and was convicted by the jury based on such, of which he later recanted. He maintained his innocence for 15 years.

Judge John Gasaway ordered his release on Monday because of the ineffective counsel that he received from his attorneys. At the time of the trial, Housler made a false confession that was admitted to the trial without any opposition from his lawyer.

Gasaway granted a new trial for Housler and the statement he gave would not be admitted anymore. A $15,000 bond was set for Housler’s release and he is required to be at home between 8 PM and 10 AM. His whereabouts would be checked by probation officers.

Housler’s new trial would begin December 6.


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