State of Kansas Braces for More Trouble with the Casino Industry

State of Kansas Braces for More Trouble with the Casino Industry


Kansas can really be a difficult state when it comes to expansion of casino gambling operations. Although the voters in the state already authorized 4 state-owned casinos a couple of years ago, the Kansas Lottery Commission has yet to close the deal with several of these casinos.

Initially, it was the economic crisis that caused 3 of the 4 selected developers to withdraw their deals with Kansas. Subsequently, the process for a 2nd round of applications took longer than anticipated, and now, a problem exists with one of the chosen developers.

Peninsula Gaming is constructing a casino in Mulvane, but the lawmakers are concerned that one of the business partners of Peninsula has an unresolved legal trouble in the state of Iowa. The lawmakers are trying to delay the development of the casino until the courts are able to rule on the issue.

According to Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz, “It is starting to become embarrassing how bad the state of Kansas has butchered the casino gambling expansion process.” He said, “This has been going on for years and it appears that the state was extremely unprepared for this expansion. It is unfortunate for the people of Kansas who were hoping job creation would come quickly.”

One of the issues that those in favor of the Mulvane are worried about is job creation. Around 1,500 jobs are expected to be brought by the casino to the area and the longer it is delayed, the unemployment rate will continue to be high in the state of Kansas.