Repeal of Medicinal Marijuana Law is Facing Opposition in Montana House

Repeal of Medicinal Marijuana Law is Facing Opposition in Montana House


A complete repeal of the medicinal marijuana law in Montana is being pushed by the state’s Republican led House. The said law, which garnered 64% voter approval in a ballot initiative, was passed way back in 2004.

Opposing Democrats have argued that, in order to regulate the industry that has grown quite alarmingly, modifications to the law must be made. They also stated that the Legislature should allow voters to decide whether they wanted to repeal the law they themselves have initiated seven years ago.

Many legislators are convinced that the law created an industry that went beyond the bounds envisioned by the voters.

Some of the members of the Legislature also think that it is a little too late to pull the law back and control it. They believe that the widespread proliferation of medical marijuana has attracted large criminal elements to Montana and that the legal trade has spurred illegal deals.

Montana’s House has already voted 63-37 favoring the repeal of the law. However, the House will vote on it again before submitting it to the Montana Senate where a tougher opposition is expected.

Several Senate Republicans have already publicly expressed their support for rigorous regulation and at the same, voiced their opposition against a total repeal.

They say that a repeal of a law that resulted from a voter-approved initiative is a mistake.