Reform of Construction Defect Laws in Nevada Finalized in Budget Talks

Reform of Construction Defect Laws in Nevada Finalized in Budget Talks



Reform of the construction defect laws in the state of Nevada was moved by the leader of the Assembly Republicans to the top of his demands Sunday as legislators gathered in closed-door meetings seeking to agree on a final state budget.

Assembly Speaker Pete Goechcicia, a Republican from Eureka, said that Chapter 40 of the construction defect law of Nevada has crippled the once-booming construction industry of the state by bleeding contractors with costly legal fees. That has resulted in a lot of construction workers losing their jobs.

According to Goechcicia, it is his personal hill to die for. “It is clearly inequitable what is going on. We need to get those guys (contractors) out of court and get them to quit paying attorney’s fees. Let’s help them (contractors) put people back to work,” he said.

Other Assembly Republicans have charged Assembly Speaker John Oceguera, a Democrat from Las Vegas, of obstructing moves to reform the law because he needs the financial support of the trial lawyers in Nevada should he run for Congress.

Assemblyman Ira Hansen, a Republican from Sparks, noted, “There is one person holding this up, and that is the speaker in his building and his close attachment to the trial lawyers. Otherwise you would have meaningful reform.”

On the part of Oceguera and other Democrats, they ridiculed the “hill to die for” statement of Goichechea. “Maybe it’s because they are contractors,” said Oceguera about the stance of the Assembly GOP. “Does that have something to do with it?”


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