Racine Circuit Court Imposes Decorum

Racine Circuit Court Imposes Decorum


Wisconsin – New Racine Circuit Court Judge Gene Gasiorkiewicz’s, imposes decorum in his courtroom, particularly at Racine Circuit Court Branch 2. The judge, who took the bench in August laid out certain rules in his courtroom.

Lawyers were not allowed to wear shorts. Female lawyers in particular were prohibited from wearing flip-flops, and they must be properly attired with no cleavage showing. Male lawyers were required to wear ties and coats, and everyone must use the judge’s cup, to bring uniformity to everyone in front of the bar.

The silver mugs, which the judge himself had customized, bore the scales of justice on two sides. Underneath the judicial symbol, “RACINE CIRCUIT COURT BRANCH 2” was printed.

During his campaign, Judge Gasiorkiewicz spoke about decorum and dignity in the courtroom. He ascribed it as returning to civility during his investiture ceremony. The judge believes that anyone who is in front of the bar must be properly dressed.

One lawyer who attended the said ceremony said that he sympathizes with the goal of the judge because he too thinks that the system has gotten way too informal.

Various attorneys said that they find no problem with the requirements of the judge in his courtroom. Mark Richards, a defense attorney said that he supports the new changes made.



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