Proposed Regulations for Internet Poker Offered by Nevada Gaming Control Board

Proposed Regulations for Internet Poker Offered by Nevada Gaming Control Board



The Nevada Gaming Control Board on Wednesday published the proposed regulations seeking to establish state regulations for legal Internet gambling, particularly online poker. This set of guidelines was created to satisfy the requirement of the 2011 Nevada Legislature Assembly Bill 258.

However, before Internet poker can be offered by the established gaming industry of Nevada, the U.S. Congress must first pass legislation that will make online gambling a legal business.

With a lot of pressing concerns Legislators face at the moment, such as the such as jobs creation, the economy, home foreclosures, the debt ceiling, and many more, the question of whether they will even take up or submit to the floor a measure that will legalize Internet gambling remains.

Online gambling has been around for quite sometime and even though the Department of Justice is bent on prohibiting such activity, the international online gaming industry is growing and expanding on a daily basis.

With the potential revenue that can be generated from online gaming, along with the thousands of jobs that the online industry will create, legislators probably might go the way of online gambling advocates.

However, such political move might not happen anytime soon because of the intense political bickering that is happening right now in Washington. At present, Internet poker legalization is buried deep beneath other government concerns.


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