Promotional Items With Purpose…

Promotional Items With Purpose…

Promotional Umbrella

There are two types of promotional items: 1. Internal promotional items. These are used in your office by you and your staff and by clients when they come to your office. 2. External promotional items. These are used as give-aways at trade shows, or sent to clients via the mail as gifts, etc. The trade show items are usually less expensive useful items while your top clients usually receive more expensive items.

The best promotional items have a practical purpose for your clients and prospects. I know a writing pen sounds boring and dull, but they are actually useful. I have a TD bank pen on my desk right now.

I just had a client order umbrellas with their company logo on them so that they could leave them at the door to give to their clients when it’s raining. Now that is a useful promotional item!

Small desk trinkets can be effective, however, they are best given at a tradeshow or actually mailed to the client. They serve little actual purpose, so unless you are willing to give away something really neat, I recommend looking for something more useful. Here is a quick list of useful promotional items people are using right now…

Pens (internal or external)
I know they sound boring, but they are useful and used and that’s the whole point. They are great to use around the office, tradeshows and for clients when they visit your office.
Promotional Pens
Reusable water bottles, BPA Free (external item). These bottles are BPA free and are perfect to give to clients.
Portable phone chargers (external item) Extremely useful.
No spill coffee mugs (external item) – give away.
Unlike a regular coffee mug that is used as an internal coffee cup, these are more substantial and are spill proof. Your clients/prospects can ride to work everyday drinking out of this cup.
Promotional Water Bottles
Place mats (internal item)
For larger companies with conference rooms, a place mat with your logo at each chair gives a great look. But be sure not to overdo it in your conference room with too much promo. For example, you don’t want branded coasters, place mats, coffee mugs and pens in the conference room. It’s a little overwhelming. One or two items are fine.
Promotional Place Mats for Conference Rooms
Coasters (internal item) These are great in the conference room and very inexpensive.
Promotional Coasters

These are only a few items, Wells & Drew has a database of over 10,000 items at its finger tips.