Price of Australian Paper to Go Up

Price of Australian Paper to Go Up



The rise in its manufacturing cost will be passed on by Australian Paper to its consumers with a 5% price increase across its whole range of offset grades.

The company blamed their increases on “ongoing rising labour costs and increase in raw material, including energy and oil”, which had been counter-balanced by a strong Australian dollar in the past. The price increase is scheduled to take effect in the month of October.

The entire range of its offset printing paper products will be affected by the price change. These products include the Challenge, New Grange, and Precision.

Wayne Stanistreet, the general manager of sales and marketing of Australian Paper, said, “Paper prices have been on a downward trend for some time, though at the same time, our costs have been rising.”

He also said, “We need to take some action. At this stage the increase will only affect the products that we sell under our offset range of papers, though we are constantly reviewing the entire suite of papers we produce.”

Among the major merchants being served by Australian Paper are BJ Ball and KW Doggett, as well as Australian Office, its stationery subsidiary, which acquired recently the assets of the now-defunct Australian Envelopes.