Personalized Direct Mail Still Gets Best Results

Personalized Direct Mail Still Gets Best Results

Your firm wants greater visibility within a target market—that’s how you attract new clients and successfully retain existing ones. And while marketing your business can take many forms, studies continue to show that what works best with consumers is personalized direct mail.

The “personalized” part is key, since it’s already well known that direct mail is a cost-effective way to reach a specific market segment. Thanks to advances in technology, one-to-one marketing has become a very effective tool in recent years. This type of direct mail speaks directly to individuals and should always include an attention-grabbing call to action.

One-to-one marketing works because of data collected on consumer preferences—everything from personal interests, lifestyle, past purchases, age range, etc. With the right data-gathering tools, you can learn when someone has bought a new home, what kind of car they drive, their birthday and other unique information that all help to personalize your direct mailing efforts.

And it works.

A recent study commissioned by InfoTrends/CAP Ventures sought to determine how color affects the response rate of direct mail campaigns. The study concluded that color can generate a greater consumer response than black-and-white pieces, but the real revelation concerned response rates to personalized direct mail in general.

According to the study results, a full-color piece addressed to a prospect by name will likely generate a response rate of 2%. Not bad. But a full-color piece with what’s called “deep personalization” can generate a response rate as high as 6.5%.

That’s an increase in response rates of as much as five percent.

A personalized direct mail piece can be a flyer, a postcard, a newsletter—whatever makes the piece memorable enough for the potential client to hold onto it for later review and action.  With personalized direct mail, not only will the responses you get provide an even closer look at your target market’s lifestyle and preferences, but you’ll be able to eliminate much of the waste of a mass, random mailing.

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