Parents Must Be Aware of Kids’ Illegal Downloads

Parents Must Be Aware of Kids’ Illegal Downloads


A recent survey of several parents showed that approximately one in ten children have been exposed to sexually explicit material or offensive content when they download stuff from the Internet. Despite the rising number of offensive content downloads that children make today, nearly 40% of moms and dad have admitted that they do not know how to tell the difference between a legal website from that of an illegal one.

A survey done by Netmums, which is a parenting website, found that a lot of families at present come across so many websites that contain offensive and inappropriate content. They were also exposed to security risks through downloads.

When it comes to the dangers of downloading illegally from various websites, a lot of parents are less savvy. Downloading dangerous stuff from the Internet can literally bring computer viruses, which could wreak havoc to the entire computer system and wipe out personal data.

In fact, in a research conducted by the British Recorded Music Industry, it was able to find that almost 1/3 of the people who try to download a song they want, end up downloading offensive content instead. Spyware is received by about 41% and 39% got their computers infected with virus.

Childnet, an Internet safety charity, is now launching a free guide on downloading music, TV programmes, and films, in order to help battle illegal downloading, and to help parents find the appropriate and legal content for their kids.


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