No Vote Cast for A Bill in N.J. that Would Allow Towns to Post Online Legal Notices

No Vote Cast for A Bill in N.J. that Would Allow Towns to Post Online Legal Notices



In the final session of the Legislature in New Jersey, a bill (S2082) which would not require towns to post their ads in newspapers was removed from consideration. Sheila Oliver, Assembly Speaker had been planning to post the bill S2082 for a vote, however, she decided against it and opted to do it after a meeting with Democratic caucus members.

Tom Hester, Jr., spokesman for Oliver, said that Oliver “plans another look at it in the next session.”

Stephen Sweeney, also planned for a vote on the said bill, but followed the lead of the Assembly.

According to the New Jersey Press Association, about $20 million are sold in annual ads to towns. $8 million would come from the public coffers, while individuals and companies reimburse 566 municipalities for the remaining $12 million.

The sponsor of the proposed bill said that the method would be able to save towns some money. An analysis made by the Office of Legislative Services on July 2010 said that the effect is not clear in local finances.

The measure was fiercely opposed by the newspaper industry, casting doubts on the presumptions if advertising online could really save money, and that it would also be truly detrimental to the newspaper industry.

Joe DiVincenzo, County Executive of Essex said that he is opposed to the said measure. He further said that, “I am supportive of public notice advertising in newspapers because it remains an effective way to inform the public.”

DiVincenzo also said that, “Making government as transparent as possible has always been my priority and, regardless of what happens in the future, my administration will continue to utilize official newspaper advertising, and other technologies.”


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