New Brand Identity Launched By Ithaca College

New Brand Identity Launched By Ithaca College

Ithaca College is proud to share the message that the students are “Ready.” In Sept. 1, 2011, the Office of Marketing Communications launched the new brand identity, alongside its advertising campaign. The campaign, “Ready”, was intended to increase the awareness and to make sure that the College has a consistent image and message. This campaign shall be implemented all across all of the College’s communications. A comprehensive advertising campaign shall be used to promote this new brand identity.

The new brand identity, which was developed by Mindpower, Inc. was originally inspired by Simpson Scarborough’s market research plus the success stories of faculty, alumni and students. The stories of these individuals shall be the primary content of the campaign. These stories will reflect how the College has prepared the students and alumni really well in terms of their professional lives.

The College is likewise optimistic that this branding effort would strengthen the relationship of the school with the alumni, as well as help in boosting the image of the college, making it attractive for staff and faculty. The branding also seeks to prepare the college for the competition between college students that are bound northeast.

There have been many facets that were involved in preparing the Ready concept. These include a 2009 study on the alumni’s opinions, survey distributed to the administrators of various higher education institutions, focus groups that were held in 2010 with alumni, students, faculty and staff, and other prospective students. These also helped in identifying the unique strengths of the college.

It was in March that the first series of advertisements, which presented the “Ready” theme, was tested. A survey was distributed to students, faculty, staff, alumni and prospective students at the college. The feedback and suggestions gathered from the survey were utilized to make the concept better. With each step, the Office of Marketing Communications solicited feedback from the people involved in the college, which includes the College of Marketing Advisory Committee (CMAC) and the President’s Council.

New Logos of the College

The Office of Marketing Communications created a fresh new Ithaca College logo. The new logo includes the emblem which is found in the official seal of the college. The logo now has a sleek and simple appearance that shall last for decades. The word “College” was also included in order to separate the school from other institutions sharing the moniker like the town and the city.

There is a primary logo, and 4 secondary ones. Each has different application. The sizes and the configurations for the logo differ too. The Identity Standards guide provides the proper guidelines for the usage and proper spacing of the logo.

Colors and Typography

Blue and gold are the traditional colors of the college. These colors were made richer and deeper. There were other warm and cool colors that accentuate the primary colors. A standard font was used in order to identify the college, and to ideally complement the brand new logo, both on the web and in print.

College Stationery

New college stationeries now incorporate the new logo. It can be found in business cards, envelopes and letterheads. These stationeries could now be ordered from the Center for Print Production (CPP). There are also order forms that could be downloaded from the website of CPP.

Template in PowerPoint

There is also an available PowerPoint Template that faculty and staff could use, which reflects the new brand identity. This could be used by the faculty and staff in their presentations.

New Website

In August 31, 2011, the website of the college was updated, reflecting the new brand identity. A new microsite carrying the Ready-theme was also launched the same night. The microsite features the stories on how the college has truly made them “Ready”.

Advertising Campaign

Over the next year, there would be a number of Ready-themed advertisements that shall be run in newspapers, magazines and online, particularly at Facebook, Google and New York Times among others.

Brochures and Publications

The college will roll out the new brand identity in the different parts of the college using a phase approach. Any additional publications, signage, and others would all be updated in order to reflect the new brand identity.


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