Music Reseller Website Criticized

Music Reseller Website Criticized



A legitimate secondhand digital music market has never been attempted successfully, in part because there are only a few who think of reselling anything that has no physical form. However, last month, a new company called ReDigi launched a system that it calls a secure and legal way for people to get rid of their unwanted music files, as well as buy others at discounted prices.

The service is already causing concern among music executives and legal luminaries, who say that it is operating within the gray area of the law. The Recording Industry Association of America, which represents major record companies, sent a cease-and-desist letter to ReDigi last Thursday, charging it of copyright infringement.

The chief executive of ReDigi, John Ossenmacher, argues that the service is operating within the boundaries of the copyright law, and that the technology it uses offer safeguards to relieve the concerns of the industry that people might profit from pirated digital music.

“ReDigi is a marketplace that gives users tools to be in compliance with copyright law,” said Ossenmacher. “Before putting a file up for sale, ReDigi will inform you that you will need to delete them, and if not it won’t take them.”

If a user wanted to upload music files for sale, the files’ metadata will be analyzed by ReDigi to verify that they really came from an official store such as Amazon or iTunes. It does not accept any file that has been ripped from a CD, or other files whose provenance ReDigi considers suspect.


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