Miami Logistics Practice Opened by Law Firm

Miami Logistics Practice Opened by Law Firm



The opening of an international logistics and transportation practice has recently been announced by the law firm Arnall Golden Gregory LLP.

In a statement, the head of the law firm’s logistics and transportation group and the new office in Miami, Andrew R. Spector, said, “Miami, of course, is an international city, gateway to Latin American and hub of international commerce and that ties into a firm that is very committed to international practice.”

Spector, who previously worked with the Miami-based firm Hyman, Spector & Mars, and the firm have worked together in the past on cases concerning logistics and transportation. Arnall Golden Gregory decided to cement that relationship by opening an office that is entirely devoted to the logistics industry.

According to Spector, as more firms enter the international marketplace, many are confronted with import and export rules, transportation regulations, foreign trade statutes, foreign government seizures and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

“In our global economy, this is really how business is done and, as a law firm, our job is to respond to that business model,” Spector added.

With the opening of its office in Miami, the law firm, which also has offices in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, is trying to get into an industry which has required more professional services as it continues to grow.

Spector also said, “The world is becoming more connected together everyday. The companies in the global logistics industry want to respond to that challenge and they are doing more and more, and as they do more, the legal issues increase more, too.”


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