Medical Marijuana Inc Readies For Legalization of Hemp

Medical Marijuana Inc Readies For Legalization of Hemp


California – Medical Marijuana Inc. is now preparing for the possible legalization of marijuana in the state of California. The bill submitted was Proposition 19, which has actually gained a lot of popularity, especially among those who use the drug for prescription purposes.

The marketing division of Medical Marijuana Inc., the Hemp Network, already have 6,000 agents signed up. According to Don Steinberg, president of Medical Marijuana, “We have the infrastructure in place, the people and the talent to make a major difference in the marketplace when marijuana becomes legal in any state in America — either this November 2nd in California — or any other state later on. Regardless of how the vote goes, we are continuing to execute our business plan with The Hemp Network.”

The CEO of Marijuana Inc., Bruce Perlowin said that, “This vote will have a massive effect on the growth of all sectors of the marijuana industry. The medical marijuana, recreational marijuana and the hemp industries extend way beyond the estimated $14 billion dollar industry in California for marijuana alone.”

He further said that there are the peripheral businesses involved in the industry. There are so many such as TV shows, glassware, insurance companies, POS systems, accounting services, universities, and others. The Medical Marijuana Inc, will be moving to these areas as well.


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