Man Finally Walks Free From Dallas County Jail

Man Finally Walks Free From Dallas County Jail


Dallas County – After 20 years, Stephen Matthew Brodie finally walked out of Dallas County Jail.

State District Judge Lena Levario ruled in favor of Brodie, declaring him as having been wrongly convicted for the abduction and sexual assault of a 5-year old girl in 1990.

Brodie became a suspect in the abduction and sexual assault of the Richardson girl because he was arrested and confessed at having broken a vending machine at the community pool, which was not far from the girl’s home. At the time, he was questioned for over 8 days, and most of the time, no sign language interpreter was present, the effect of which, he pleaded guilty to the crimes.

Brodie was defended by Michelle Moore and Julie Doucet, two public defender attorneys. A reinvestigation was conducted, and it showed that it was not Brodie who committed the said crimes.

Brodie, 39, had been deaf since 18 months old, after he contracted meningitis. His father, J. Steve Brodie, wrote letters to 42 various groups around the county, campaigning to clear his son’s name, and to win his release as well.

Brodie’s father was thankful to Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins for the conviction integrity unit that reexamined Brodie’s case. The unit was primarily created for reexamining doubtful convictions.

Jena Parker, the paralegal working with the integrity unit, was the one who brought the case to the attention of Watkins, when she was able to read the letter sent out by Brodie’s father.

Brodie said that he was happy to be free.


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