LexisNexis May Build a Product Based on Microsoft’s Dynamics Platform

LexisNexis May Build a Product Based on Microsoft’s Dynamics Platform



LexisNexis, a long-time leader in providing innovative solutions for the legal industry, may actually make use of Microsoft’s Dynamics platform in building a product meant for much smaller firms. It is also considering of rebuilding InterAction, and have it also utilize Dynamics.

By utilizing the CRM system of Microsoft, LexisNexis would be able to provide law firms with a tool that could be used conveniently by their IT departments. LexisNexis envisions getting lawyers to use a more sophisticated application instead of merely using Outlook on their desktops.

InterAction’s general manager Brad Sidwell, said that there is a high possibility for InterAction to make use of the Microsoft platform for their products. He said that it is most likely that there would be products intended for much smaller clients that would all be based in the Dynamics platform. He also added that he would not be ruling out the use of the product Interaction’s foundation in the future.

The target of LexisNexis for the said applications to be made available in the market is by the end of 2012. It is said that Dynamics CRM is growing exponentially and currently has 30,000 customers. The upgraded Dynamics would also be emphasizing social media capabilities.

At the Worldwide Partner Conference held by Microsoft, one industry executive said that it was already increasing the number of its employees in the legal field aspect, wherein much global growth could be expected. The company is also very eager about SharePoint-based products, which are intended for document management in the legal field.