Lawyers for the Accused Arsonist – Asked Court to Throw Out Alleged Confession

Lawyers for the Accused Arsonist – Asked Court to Throw Out Alleged Confession


Northampton – Defense lawyers for the accused arsonist asked the judge to throw out their client’s alleged confession.

Anthony P. Baye, 25, pleaded innocent to multiple counts of arson and two counts of murder that were linked to fifteen fires that were set at Northampton in December 2009.

Baye appeared before Hampshire Superior Court Judge Bertha Josephson Tuesday. Baye did not utter anything but his presence was required, as the prosecutor and his defense lawyers discussed about the status of his case with the said judge.

David Hoose and Tomas Lesser, the defense attorneys, were provided by the office of Michael Cahillane, Assistant Northwestern District Attorney, with 3,450 pieces of what was termed as “discovery” documents, recordings, images, and others.

The defense plans to file a motion to suppress statements that were allegedly made by Baye to investigators a week after the fires in 2009. Various reports have surfaced, which indicated that Baye confessed to have set the fires. If the judge would render the statements inadmissible then they could not be used as evidence against Baye during trial.

Hoose did not elaborate why the defense is requesting for Baye’s alleged confession to be thrown out but said that the motion to suppress would have a detailed explanation. The motion would not be filed before the scheduled November 18 hearing for arguments on the said motion.