Jury is Being Selected for Susan Baker Trial

Jury is Being Selected for Susan Baker Trial


Chipley, Washington County –The jury for the trial of Susan Baker, will be completed soon, after an arduous selection process of finding someone to sit at the jury to be impartial, considering that in a community of 22,000 people, mostly everybody knows one another.

Susan Baker, will be going on trial for Aggravated Child Abuse, giving False Information to Law Enforcement, and Interference with Custody. She was accused of

kidnapping Baby Shannon Dedrick last year. Baker is the baby’s aunt and was also the babysitter at the time of her disappearance. The baby was found in a 2×3 ft. wooden box under Baker’s bed, after a 5-day search.

Rusty Dedrick, father of Baby Shannon, had said that he had grown frantic when he found the bassinet where the baby sleeps, empty. He also said that he thought his baby would be safe in the hands of Susan Baker.

Most potential jurors already had a prior knowledge regarding the case since it became a national story when the baby disappeared on Halloween last year. Circuit Judge Allen Register, along with the lawyers, questioned the potential jurors on their familiarity with the case. Some said they can be unbiased, and some also wavered. Most of them said that they heard about the disappearance of the baby through the media.

Opening arguments will start on Tuesday morning.



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