It Works Better, Looks Better and Costs Less

It Works Better, Looks Better and Costs Less

The Laser Label 53®.

With over one million sold and thousands of firms using them, the Laser Label 53® is our best-selling label.


Because it’s practical, looks more professional, and costs less than taping an envelope onto your 10 x 13 envelope. You have probably seen a 10 x 13 envelope with a number 10 envelope taped to the front to address the envelope.

Well, the Laser Label 53® takes its place. The beauty is you don’t have to change your computer settings like other mailing labels, these fit in your printer just like a number 10 envelope and print out at the click of a button.

If you’re tired of ripped and misfed envelopes when trying to address your document size envelopes, you will love the Wells & Drew Laser Label 53®. These labels give your important mailing a professional and classy look, without any of the hang-ups and hassles of printing envelopes.

They are pre-printed with your firm’s logo and return address and are the same size as normal #10 envelopes. There’s no need to change your current setup – just place the labels in your printer’s envelope tray and print. Nothing could be easier.

As an added bonus, four pre-printed message selections are included – urgent, hand delivery, first-class mail, and confidential.

Just peel and stick the appropriate message to give your mailing the extra attention it deserves.

Usually, things that work and look better don’t cost you less. This is an exception. Considering how much a box of envelopes costs you, this could cut your cost in half. For 250 labels it’s a whopping $69.50, 500 labels $89.50, and 1000 labels $119.20.

Typesetting and setup are $20.00, but use code WDLL and we will waive the charge. Alternatively, call 800-342-8636 to get these labels for your company. Remember to mention the code for free typesetting and setup.