Illegal Immigration Law of South Carolina Could have a Negative Impact on Businesses

Illegal Immigration Law of South Carolina Could have a Negative Impact on Businesses



The ACLU has filed a lawsuit to stop the illegal immigration law of South Carolina. The law requires authorities to check the immigration status of a certain suspect and mandates that businesses should check their new workers through a federal online system.

Some neighboring states with immigration measures that are already in effect have experienced severe criticisms from residents.

This week, Alabama businesses that are dependent on an immigrant workforce were impacted as workers took the day off to protest the anti-immigration law of the state.

The new law has reportedly also created work shortages and legal concerns. South Carolina minority rights advocates said that they are concerned about what will happen if the immigration law goes into effect next year.

Miriam Berrouet, a South Carolina Commission of Minority Affairs board member, said, “We are opening up an avenue for racial profiling and harassment because contrary to popular belief not all immigrants are here illegally.”

However, Republican Thad Viers, District 68, said that the new law is needed by the state.

Viers said, “We need to protect our American citizens first. If immigrants want to come here they need to come through legal channels like everyone else has.”

The new illegal immigration law of South Carolina is expected to take effect in January next year. Area leaders said that if protests do happen along the Grand Strand, it could potentially create a negative effect on businesses.


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