How We Differ From Vistaprint

How We Differ From Vistaprint

How We Differ From Vistaprint

We basically offer everything Vistaprint doesn’t – completely customized solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

We offer every paper available in the United States, direct from the paper mill. You pick the paper, the printing processes, and the size you want.

Vistaprint, on the other hand, has a set number of papers, printing processes, and products, and you either want them or you don’t.

Vistaprint’s printing model is mostly “gang running,” which is running your order on a large sheet of paper along with other customers’ orders, then cutting your order out at the end. This, along with the type of printing they do (four-color process mostly), does not lend itself to customization. This is the polar opposite of our model. While I concede their commodity printing model is very profitable, it is not what we do.

We run each client’s job individually; our clients can choose any paper or printing process.

Wells & Drew is a specialty print, design, and engraving company that helps professional organizations gain instant trust and credibility with their clients and colleagues. Unlike other printing companies, our primary focus is on high-impact marketing materials that communicate the image our clients want to convey.

Our clients include professionals, advertising agencies, and corporations that MUST have something special – something that accurately represents their professionalism and expertise.

Below is a simple summary of our primary differences.

Printing Process, aka Capabilities
Wells & Drew owns most of the facilities and equipment we need to create a dazzling array of special effects and designs in print. The capabilities of our state-of-the-art equipment include engraving, offset-printing, foil stamping, letterpress, embossing, debossing, digital printing, four-color process, die cutting, folding glue, private watermarks, card edging, card laminating (gluing two sheets together), and Thick Impressions™ business cards.

Vistaprint focuses on two processes: digital printing and four-color process printing.

Paper Options
To ensure availability of top-quality papers at extremely competitive prices, Wells & Drew owns a paper company called Fine Papers Corporation. We also have direct access to every paper mill in the United States, and stock many of their products in-house. Practically all of our paper is bond paper, which means it has cotton in it, so it absorbs ink better, feels better to the touch, and lasts longer. Bond paper has long been the standard for quality marketing materials.

As far as I know, Vistaprint does not offer a bond paper. They have what is called coated paper, which is designed for commodity printing (four-color process and digital printing).

Product Options
Our product options cater entirely to the needs of our clients and their imagination. We have the capabilities to print just about anything they can think of.

Vistaprint has set products, and you have to fit your need to accommodate their guidelines.

Customer Service
Wells & Drew has a real person answer the phone; we have always vowed never to have a computer answer our lines – it’s a company pet peeve. For our larger clients, we build a custom-branded Web site through which they can order letterheads, envelopes, business cards, promotional items, and any other printed product they want.

Vistaprint has computers answering the phone, and you have to press #1 for this, press #2 for this and so on.

I took the time to write the above because I am often asked what the differences are between us and them. Vistaprint is not a competitor of ours, and I really like Vistaprint’s new logo and their new TV commercials.