Getting Started: How to write a simple marketing plan.

Getting Started: How to write a simple marketing plan.

Sure it sounds like a simple cliché but it is true, Businesses do not plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. If you wonder why the odds are stacked against a business owner from being successful wonder no more.  Too many start-ups fail to set a focused and strategic marketing plan that they stick to.

Always Improve Your Marketing Plan

Marketing plans should not be a book, nor should they be a dead document. Marketing plans should be live documents that are continually evaluated, measured, tweaked and changed when necessary. All marketing plans should include intended goals and the measurement of those goals.  The general principle of a plan is to set a clear path a direction plan or a road map if you will on how to drive customers to your door on a continued basis.

Marketing tools should be evaluated for efficacy, pertinence to your target market, and be multi-dimensional.  A strong marketing plan consists of several methods or approaches that continue to attract new clientele, result in return consumers and develops passive residual income.  A new client should be a client for life.

The Elements of a Strong Marketing Plan

A strong marketing plan should include these elements.  A marketing objective that includes a summary of the product or service and the benefits produced by this product or service.  It should identify the target market.  Outline the strategies and tools for implementation.  A budget that increases based upon positive performance and increased income.  Finally the plan must build in a tracking and evaluation feature.   If you can not measure the marketing tool do not waste your money on it.