How to Write a Newsletter that Generates Clients

How to Write a Newsletter that Generates Clients

This is the best, fastest way to create quality, readable content. We developed this quick-start guide to help professionals create the first few issues of their newsletters easily and efficiently.

There are three primary reasons for a newsletter:

1. It creates Top-of-Mind Awareness (generates new clients)
2. It presents your company as experts in your field
3. It serves your clients, which inspires loyalty

Four simple steps to writing readable content

Step #1
What are the most common questions your clients ask you? Think of the 10 questions your clients most often put to you. Now, really think about them; ask your receptionist or anyone else in your office what questions are put to them the most. This part is what really creates the quality content clients or prospects want to read.

Doing this may take some time, but it will make the difference between useful content and useless content. Once you have written down those ten questions, move on to the next exercise.

Step #2
Create 10 more questions to establish exactly what you want to convey to your clients. These questions could be things you wish they knew or NEED to know. For example, what are three things they should ask when hiring someone in your industry?

Step #3
Once you have all 20 questions, mix them up. Now you have 10 questions your clients want answered, and 10 questions you want to answer for them.

Step #4
Answer each question in detail using plain language anyone will understand. Don’t worry about how many words your newsletter has, or if it’s long enough. The truth is, the fewer words you use in communicating your message, the greater the impact and the more readers you will attract. Once you have answered the questions, you should now have several pages of high-quality content clients and prospective clients want to read about.

These pages of quality content should account for least three newsletters. Personally, I include only two topics per newsletter, which I email.

Then, after six months, I take the best topics from my previous newsletters and send a printed newsletter. And I only send a printed newsletter because readership is higher, clients value it more than email, and, MOST importantly, it generates more clients.

Congratulations! Your company now has high-quality content your clients will value highly. If you would like our help designing, printing and mailing your newsletter, just reply back to this email.

Additional tips for writing quality content:

Imagine your client standing in front of you. What do you want to say?

1. What does he/she need to know?
2. What will benefit him/her?
3. Ask yourself, is this helpful to my client? If yes, start writing.

Dos and Don’ts of newsletter marketing:

      • Don’t say anything in your newsletters you wouldn’t say if your client was standing in front of you.
      • Don’t boast about your company.
      • Don’t talk about all your services in one email; focus your message.
      • Do be specific; write directly to your client in your newsletter.
      • Do mention benefits in your headlines.
      • Do provide useful content to your client.
      • Do write about anything that will be of service to your client.

If you want to generate more clients and increase client loyalty I encourage you to start a newsletter. It is simple and cost effective. We can handle the whole thing for you: design, print, and mail. Contact us today at 800-342-8636 or click here.